The Beards – Beards – CD

Beards - CD


The Beards first collection of bearded singalong classics. This 12 track album includes "A Wizard Needs a Beard", "Beard Revolution" and crowd favourite "Big Bearded Bruce".

Track Listing:
1. The Beards Club.
2. Growing A Beard.
3. Beard Revolution.
4. Radio Interview #1.
5. A Wizard Needs a Beard.
6. Beard's Gone Away (Live).
7. Radio Interview #2.
8. The Tale of the Amish Boy (and his Beard).
9. It Only takes a Fortnight to Grow a Decent Beard.
10. Big Bearded Bruce.
11. Radio Interview #3.
12. Who Told You to Shave Off Your Beard?

Released 2007