We’re Coming to Sweden!24th October, 2014

Sweden! You’ve always talked big about how good your beards are, now let’s see if you can deliver! We’ll be there in Stockholm on Nov 23rd, but until then here’s a message for all of your beards…

The Beards are Coming to Sweden from The Beards on Vimeo.

We’re Coming Back to Denmark!24th October, 2014

Hey Denmark, we’re returning to Copenhagen on November 22nd to prove to you guys once and for all how much we really, really like beards. Get as excited as we are by watching this special video message…


We’re Coming Back to Germany!21st October, 2014

We’ll be in Germany really really soon! And we’re so excited about coming back that we’ve got a special message for all our bearded German friends…

The Beards are Coming to Germany from The Beards on Vimeo.

Less Than 2 Months til The Beard Album Euro Launch Tour29th September, 2014

2014 TOUR LAUNCH POSTER_THE BEARD ALBUM_web_all europe dates_v3


Beards of Europe!! Our beards are tingling with excitement at the the thought of getting back and seeing you all in just a couple months time. If you are yet to snap up your tickets for this year’s most eagerly anticipated beard-related tour, you can do it right now through this very website. People of Leeds – please note that there has been a change of venue – we are now playing at The Wardrobe (clearly The Cockpit didn’t think they were equipped to handle our level of bearded-ness).


Prepare your beards and we’ll see you all very soon…



World Beard Day 201415th September, 2014

Hooray for beards! That was the overwhelming sentiment felt around the globe as we basked in all things beardy on World Beard Day 2014. Celebrations were held in pubs, backyards and beard clubs all across the world, and here in little old Adelaide we celebrated with an afternoon of drinking and frivolity at the beard-friendly Worldsend Hotel. Since most people on earth couldn’t be there, we put some of the highlights of the day into a short video. Enjoy!