We’re Coming Back to Germany!21st October, 2014

We’ll be in Germany really really soon! And we’re so excited about coming back that we’ve got a special message for all our bearded German friends…

The Beards are Coming to Germany from The Beards on Vimeo.

Less Than 2 Months til The Beard Album Euro Launch Tour29th September, 2014

2014 TOUR LAUNCH POSTER_THE BEARD ALBUM_web_all europe dates_v3


Beards of Europe!! Our beards are tingling with excitement at the the thought of getting back and seeing you all in just a couple months time. If you are yet to snap up your tickets for this year’s most eagerly anticipated beard-related tour, you can do it right now through this very website. People of Leeds – please note that there has been a change of venue – we are now playing at The Wardrobe (clearly The Cockpit didn’t think they were equipped to handle our level of bearded-ness).


Prepare your beards and we’ll see you all very soon…



World Beard Day 201415th September, 2014

Hooray for beards! That was the overwhelming sentiment felt around the globe as we basked in all things beardy on World Beard Day 2014. Celebrations were held in pubs, backyards and beard clubs all across the world, and here in little old Adelaide we celebrated with an afternoon of drinking and frivolity at the beard-friendly Worldsend Hotel. Since most people on earth couldn’t be there, we put some of the highlights of the day into a short video. Enjoy!

New Film Clip is Here…8th September, 2014

The wait is over! As our World Beard Day present to everyone, we’re pleased to present our brand new film clip for The Beard Album‘s lead single All The Bearded Ladies. Watch it below… then watch it again! Then send it to your friends to watch!!! THEN WATCH IT A THIRD TIME!!!!!

(The extra YouTube hits are really important to our fragile egos.)

World Beard Day 2014 is Almost Here!!25th August, 2014

It’s the most sacred and special day on the bearded calender. That’s right, World Beard Day is just around the corner, so it’s time to ready your beards and start planning your celebrations. This year, World Beard Day falls on September 6th, and we’ll be celebrating with our official WBD party at Adelaide’s Worldsend Hotel, where you can enjoy drink specials for the bearded, various beard-related pub games and activities, and hang out with your two favourite Beards members Johann Beardraven and Nathaniel Beard! Click here for more info on the event, and visit the World Beard Day website here. If you can’t make it to our official party, you can always throw your own World Beard Day party and celebrate this most glorious of days with all your bearded friends.

This year, World Beard Day will also be the date of the film clip launch for our NEW VIDEO, the much-anticipated clip for our worldwide number 1 smash hit single  All The Bearded Ladies. Check back here on World Beard Day to view it. In the meantime, you can re-live our set from last year’s WBD gig at Sydney’s Manning Bar…



If you are hosting a World Beard Day event, here’s a helpful list of things you can do to make this the greatest World Beard Day ever…


Break bread with your bearded brethren

What World Beard Day would be complete without a mouthwatering array of beard friendly foods? Popular options include…

- Barbecues / meat on a spit
– Hot dogs
– Vindaloo
– Vodka
– Fondue


Have a fire

If local laws permit, build a fire (or if you prefer have some beardless people build you a fire),
then sit around the fire and enjoy having a beard and living in a golden age of beardedness.


Change a Tyre

Grab a bearded mate or two, flatten a car’s tyre, then enjoy the satisfaction of changing it using your extensive life skills.


World Beard Day Games and Events

World Beard Day events often feature various games and events. Feel free to create your own event, or choose from any of the following customary World Beard Day games…

- All-bearded human pyramid (current record 15)
– Cleanchin darts (Just stick a picture of your least favourite beardless individual onto the dart board and throw darts at his face).
– Vodka
– World Beard Day Pinata (fill a paper mache beardless guy with treats, hang him from a tree, give the guy with the biggest beard a club and tell him to get clubbin’!)
– Effigy Burning. Make a simple effigy of a beardless guy and celebrate beards by burning him to the ground.
– Pin-the-beard-on-the-guy (by far the easiest, least-challenging World Beard Day game – no blindfold required.)
– Dungeons and Dragons


Have a Sing

Break out the vodka, band together and sing along to your favourite beard-related songs.


WBD League Sports

Play your favourite sports the way sports were meant to be played: Bearded vs. Non-Bearded, with the beardless team heavily handicapped (feel free to create your own handicaps for the beardless team or “losing team”). Popular choices include…

- The losing team has fewer players.
– The losing team is made up entirely of children.
– The referees / umpires are all members of the bearded team (winning team).
– The losing team or selected members of the losing team are blind folded, bound and gagged.