On the Road… Europe Style!4th December, 2014



We’ve made it to Europe and so far EVERY SINGLE PERSON WE’VE MET HAS HAD A BEARD!! Wow. Still time to catch us before we head home, grab tickets here and we’ll see you soon. In the meantime, here’s us rocking out in The Netherlands…




The Beard Album Euro Launch Tour13th November, 2014

It’s now just 1 week (or less, depending on when you read this) until our European tour kicks off! We’ll be visiting more countries than ever before, and hopefully seeing more beards than ever before. TICKETS AVAILABLE RIGHT HERE! So if you live in Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, France, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, and you have some level of interest in beards, COME ALONG! See you all real soon…

2014 TOUR LAUNCH POSTER_THE BEARD ALBUM_web_all europe dates_v3

We’re Coming Back to England!9th November, 2014

We’re returning to the mother country to make sure that you guys haven’t forgotten about beards. Check out all the dates on the tour page, and also, watch this video…

The Beards are Coming to England from The Beards on Vimeo.

We’re Coming to Wales!9th November, 2014

Finally we get to meet the good people of Cardiff and see what their beards are really like! We also made a special video just for you guys:

The Beards are Coming to Wales from The Beards on Vimeo.

We’re Coming Back to Scotland!9th November, 2014

Scotland is one of the most beard-filled and beard-loving places on the planet, so obviously we can’t wait to get back there. Here’s a video we made…

The Beards are coming to Scotland from The Beards on Vimeo.